My Under-150 Word Review of “God’s Not Dead”

For those who don’t know, “God’s Not Dead” is a complex film weaving together several different story lines, with great pains taken to present all arguments in a balanced, accurate manner. In the first of my two favorite story lines, a Christian student confronts an atheist professor (brilliantly played by Kevin Sorbo), a spirited debate ensues, and the two eventually agree to disagree. In my other favorite story line, a Muslim teenager converts to Christianity, thus displeasing her deeply conservative father. However, after a tender heart-to-heart, father and daughter reconcile their differences, as well. Just kidding. Actually, the father beats his daughter and kicks her out of the house, the student spouts some pseudoscience then goes to a rock concert featuring an infamous homophobe, and the atheist professor gets hits by a car and literally dies on the street in the rain.



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